Reports and Pricing

In the area of building histories, The Building Biographer offers three report formats: a fact-sheet, a narrative history, and a hardcover pictorial book. All formats contain information on architect, contractor, and original owner. They also discuss building permit and Assessor's records which indicate alterations made over the years to the structure. As every professional historian should do, I append copies of any documentation that I find, such as permits, assessment information, and articles from newspapers, architectural magazines, biographical reference sources, etc.  I also include my opinion as to the historical significance of the property.

While the fact-sheet reads more like a bulleted summary, the narrative is presented in a binder and written in a "story" style. The narrative also contains more intensive research on all past owners, an essay on the building’s style and its architectural history, and an historical context that tells what was going on in the world and community in the year the building was constructed. Realtors usually prefer the fact-sheet format, while homeowners often order the narrative format, since it is more of a keepsake. A home history also makes a unique housewarming, birthday, or holiday gift!

Hardcover pictorial books are also available. Combining The Building Biographer’s narrative history with beautiful exterior and interior color images by award winning architectural and HABS/HAER photographer Dennis Hill, these one-of-a-kind publications look great on the bookshelves and coffee tables of special clients and friends.

Turnaround time for fact-sheets is normally one week to ten days, and for narrative histories it is normally two to eight weeks, depending on my workload. However, if you are under a deadline, I can get some information to you by phone or e-mail before the written report is finished. Pictorial books can sometimes take longer to produce, but I will do my best to meet your deadlines.

Prices for fact-sheets begin at $400 for Pasadena properties and $500 for properties outside Pasadena. For narrative histories, prices start at $600 for Pasadena properties and $800 for properties outside Pasadena. Price estimates for pictorial books are available upon request. If you don’t need a full report, The Building Biographer will be happy to supply you with less information at a negotiated fee.

All The Building Biographer needs to get started is the address. An "up front" fee is not always required; I enclose an invoice with the finished report.

Please contact me for more information or a specific price-quote.

Tim Gregory
Phone: 626.792.7465
Fax: 626.793.5219