Reports and Pricing

In the area of building histories, The Building Biographer offers two report formats: a Basic History and a Deluxe History. Please click on the format names to see two examples of each format.

A Basic History contains information on architect, builder, and original owner. It also discusses building permit and Assessor's records which indicate alterations made to the structure over the years. I visit research venues such as building departments, Assessor’s offices, libraries, and public and private archives throughout Los Angeles County, some of which are not accessible to the general public. I find other major sources on the Internet, such as the census, and on-line historic newspaper and biographical databases. Copies of all documentation I find are appended to my reports, such as permits, assessment information, and articles from newspapers, architectural magazines, biographical reference sources, etc. I also include documentation of any determination of historical or architectural significance that may have been made by a local jurisdiction. Facts in the Basic History are grouped under headings that make navigation of the report quick and easy.

A Deluxe History contains all the information included in a Basic History but goes into much greater detail about the lives of all the past owners and the history of the architectural style and how the property reflects the characteristics of that style. In addition, I include in the Deluxe History an historical context that tells what was going on in the world and community in the year the building was constructed. The Deluxe History is written in a flowing narrative that reads more like a story than does the Basic History. Realtors usually prefer the Basic History, while homeowners often order the Deluxe History, since it is more of a keepsake. In either format, the history of a home makes a unique gift for a housewarming, birthday or holiday celebration.

All reports are delivered electronically as PDF files, but I can also surface-mail a paper copy for a slightly higher fee upon request. Or you may like to have the report custom-bound in buckram with lettering on the spine and/or cover in colors of your choice.

Turnaround time for a Basic History is normally two to three weeks; for a Deluxe History it is normally four to six weeks, depending on my workload. However, if you are under a deadline, I can get some information to you by phone or e-mail before the written report is finished. Special orders, such as bound reports, can take longer to produce.

Pricing: The fee for a Basic History ranges from $500 to $625, depending on the property’s location. A Deluxe History costs $800 to $1,050, again depending on location. For a surface-mailed paper copy please add $25. For custom-binding please add $125. If you don’t need a full report, I will be happy to supply you with less information at a negotiated fee.

All I need to get started is the address. An "up front" fee is not usually required. An invoice will be e-mailed to you once I know you have successfully downloaded the report. Payment will be by check made out to “Tim Gregory” and mailed to my California Blvd. address.

Please contact me if you have any questions or for a specific price-quote.

Tim Gregory
Phone: 626.792.7465